Paycheck vs Passion

This week the entertainment industry lost beloved comedian Charlie Murphy who has an extensive resume, but was most notably known for his work on The Chappelle Show. His talent will be truly missed. Speaking of The Chappelle Show, Dave Chappelle has returned to the industry with a bang in his Netflix stand up specials. Chappelle was deemed insane for walking away from his 50 million dollar contract with Comedy Central. People couldn't fathom walking away from that amount of money, but it was what Chappelle was giving in exchange for that 50 million that made him walk away.

He would have given up his creative control and any artist who is truly passionate about their craft knows that the power to create is powerful, and when someone else has control over your creativity, they take that power away and in essence, you become nothing more than a puppet as exemplified in the British comedy Extras. Extras follows The lives of Andy Millman and a few of his friends and details their lives working as background performers. Millman bounces from job to job until he finally lands his "break" in the business when his pilot gets picked up by a network; only to be disheartened to find his work has been disseminated so far into pieces that it isn't even the same show. Ironically finding himself still feeling like a player in the background.

I said all of that to say this: people are so fixated on money that they will sell their souls for it. There is no price point high enough for happiness or peace of mind. Like the old saying goes, "all money ain't good money", and there's more than one way to sell your soul. For artists who are truly about the artistry, the inability to freely create, in essence is selling your soul.


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