Saturday Salute | Jean Andre Antoine

Photographers have the ability to capture a moment in time. By his own admission, "Photography, to me is the best snapshot of what we call life". Jean Andre Antione is a highly gifted photographer who has a signature style in capturing the beauty of life through polaroids. Polaroid cameras, also known as the "instant camera", develop and print photos shortly after the photo is taken. The Polaroid is a medium that was once popular in in the mid 1970's. Although photo technology has advanced well beyond this medium, Antoine has managed to revive the polaroid art form in creating photos that are equally as captivating and timeless. While he possesses an exquisite collection of modern and classic cameras, he feels polaroids are the most personal, "I've never seen people surrender to a camera as much as they [surrender] to a Polaroid camera." Antione has cultivated a classic style that solidifies him as an artist and as a brand. Follow Jean Andre on Tumblr & Instagram at @jaaphotos


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