What is "Making It"?

Many people get into this business with aspirations of "making it". What exactly is "making it" and what happens when you get there? When I decided I wanted to be an actor, I had dreams of being a star because from my perspective, that was the only way to earn a living at it. To my surprise, you don't have to be a house hold name in order to earn a living wage as an actor. I have met and befriended many actors in this business. Some have progressed and are doing very well and others are still trying to find their way. In this journey it's important to remember that success is subjective. You will never find happiness in the context of someone else's. Define what success is to you. Each time I see growth and instances of progress, that is success to me. Every compliment or encouraging expression is success to me. I've outlined my goals and I know what I'm striving towards and with each mark of each milestone, motivates me to push even further.

There is no "making it". That's career suicide. It defines an ending. The day you "make it" marks the day your career ends because you have arrived at your destination. It's like making it to the mountain top. Once you get to the mountain top, where do you go from there? So I ask again, what is "making it"? And what happens when you get there? Don't invest in "making it" rather be open to possibilities because possibilities are endless.

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