Saturday Salute | Proper Connection

A huge part of success is making the proper connections. Felipe Ayala is in the business of connecting artists through his company Proper Connection.

#AL:Tell us a little about Proper Connection and what it stands for.

PC: Proper Connection is a support platform for all artists in any type of industry. I try to provide a special service for artist to have social media support. It's not always easy for artists to concentrate on their craft while worrying about their Shares, Likes, and Comments. When supporters like,share, and comment others who are not related to the artist account can have the chance to view them. The feedback draws the audience and helps the artist know how they are being received and liked. Whether or not they are good comments or bad ones, as an artist you can learn from both. The main goal is support and growth.

#AL: Why do you feel supporting artists is so important?

PC: Artist support is very important to me. If someone really enjoys an artist work but let's say they can't afford to physically purchase something, what better way to support then to share with other people that can. Sharing on all platforms pushes the artist further by reaching contacts beyond the artist. Eventually one share becomes 10 shares and hopefully a couple more hundred or thousand shares. Even beyond purchasing, for an artist to see and feel that people are supporting the hard work they put into their craft is a great feeling. Everyone wants their hard work to be appreciated and successful.

#AL: What is the most valuable lesson you've learned in doing business and how has it shaped you?

PC: You're not always going to get back what you put out. If I share and support an artist and they don't show the support back then it's a lesson learned. Some people want the support for themselves. Just because you support and share someone else's craft doesn't take away from your own. You never know what good business can lead back to you.

#AL: What do you want your legacy to be?

PC: I want my legacy to include Love, Peace, Compassion and Loyalty. That is what LPCL is all about. I want to be remembered for the Love I give, the Peace within me, the Compassion I show and most importantly the Loyalty I have.

#AL: What words of encouragement do you have for entrepreneurs and creatives out there?

PC: Keep your head high at all times. Stay humble, always show respect, and keep good energy. You never know who or what someone is PROPERLY CONNECTED to. Stayed focused.

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