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Alan Greenstein is a film producer with a passion for supporting creatives with making their dreams come to fruition. He is a Co-Producing Partner at The Real Network and Your Black World Films. He also the hosts his blog Support Our #creatives, dedicated to encouraging and supporting the work of creatives. Alan shares his passion for producing with us.

#AL: Tell us little about your blog Support Our #creatives and what was your inspiration behind it?

AG: I am using my blog as a vehicle to document my journey in the entertainment industry, spotlight those creatives I work with on projects, and otherwise provide information that creatives may find useful and/or interesting. Long before I started this blog, I was supporting others’ projects. However, I had no project of my own, or so I thought. Talking with a social media advisor, Tawanna B. Smith, she declared “MY” project was the journey itself and I should document it. Since I am not comfortable using audio/video, a blog is the best choice. #AL: When did your passion for the arts begin?

AG: It began when I was very young, watching TV and movies. The action on screen fascinated me and I was curious as to how it all came together. I always had to read the credits to see all the people required to make it happen. Even then, I was paying careful attention to the technical aspects of what I was watching.

#AL: Why do you feel the arts is so important to society?

AG: The arts, in all its disciplines, adds to the variety of life because it provides a window into the artists’ mind and gets the viewer thinking. The arts can change minds, influence people, and even encourage movements that change the world, hopefully for the better. Creatives are a special breed of people – without their ideas and the expression thereof, the world would be a very different place. #AL: Tell us about The Reel Network and Move the World Productions.

AG: I became a part of The Reel Network and Move the World Productions when the founders of those companies reached out to me after I had worked earlier with them.

The target audience of The Reel Network is the African American community. CEO Tiara Williams created the company because she felt the media was not portraying the target community in a positive light. It creates entertainment content, provides opportunities for creatives to enter the entertainment industry, and offers educational opportunities. I am Co-producer and am in charge of the Facebook and Twitter sites.

Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger founded Move the World Productions. They want to project a positive worldview with respect to age, religion, gender, etc. In addition, the company will be producing video content for commercial customers. I am the Social Media Administrator. #AL: Is there anything else you would like the audience to know?

AG: Social media has made so much possible. It changed everything for me; it enabled me to purse my passion. One can now connect with so many people, and take advantage of so many opportunities; where in years past would have been very difficult if not impossible. Therefore, to the readers of this post, I say take advantage of what technology offers you. #AL: What words of encouragement to you have for creatives out there who are a bit frustrated in their journey?

AG: Never give up. If you receive a rejection or suffer a setback, let it go and prepare for the next opportunity. You are never a failure if you do not give up. In addition, remember, I am the cheerleader for all of you out there!

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