Wisdom Wednesday | Always Give 100%

The Wayans family has made it's mark on the entertainment business. They've delivered some of the best comedic classics in both film and television. As the baby of the Wayan clan, Marlon isn't resting on his last name.Having been in the business for the last 25+ years, Marlon is now finding his identity amongst the Wayan camp. With a new sitcom self titled "Marlon" and a new Netflix romantic comedy called "Naked", Marlon is well on his way to making a mark of his own.

While most people were on vacation or at the beach this past Memorial Day weekend, Marlon was on stage at Caroline's Comedy club in New York city delivering a killer set. He addressed such topics as pop culture, politics, gay rights and being a modern day parent to his teenage children. No subject was off limits. Even with his bold extremities on stage, there were still some people who tried to test his comedic gangster when two ladies, who were sitting one row away from the stage, were overly chatty during his set. Being the pro that he is, Marlon called them out jokingly, but seriously at the same time. Even though the women patron were wrong for being so disruptive during the show, accountability on their part was over shadowed by the embarrassment of being called out, but Marlon was able to de-escalate the situation before things got out if hand. That ability is evident of his skill as a performer.

In a recent interview with Power 105's "The Breakfast Club", Marlon stated, "I didn't have to do stand up. I chose to do stand up because I want to be great", and he is definitely on his way to greatness exemplified by his hustle and work ethic; a trait that he instills in his children. In a set up for one of his jokes, Marlon recalls giving his son a pep talk at one of his son's basketball games "Always give 100 percent. No matter how tired you get, always give 100 percent." Catch his Netflix film "Naked" August 11th and the series premier of "Marlon" August 16th on NBC.


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