Better Things Are Coming!

In 2016, Better Things made its debut on FX, and has been rocking ever since. Better Things tells the story of Sam Fox, a working actress trying to maintain her career in Hollywood while supporting her three children. The series is loosely based on creator Pamela Aldon's life. Pamela Aldon began her career as an actress in her teens back in the 80's. She was a series regular on The Facts of Life, she also scored roles on The Jeffersons, The Red Foxx Show, and Alf (which she admits to being edited out of). Her blossoming acting career came to a stand still once the 90's rolled around. "The work began to dry up. I didn't "fit" anywhere. The gender bendy "ooove" time came to a screeching halt in the 90's. And then [my look] wasn't really a girl, or a lady so I didn't really fit anywhere."

Aldon recalled a moment in between acting gigs, "It was tough. I went on unemployment, then I went to work at this flower shop. I remember my agent walking into the flower shop while I was working and he goes "what are you doing here?"[and I was like] "Can I ask you the same f*%king question?!"

She ventured into voice overs as a means to sustain work in entertainment. "The voice work saved me because I wasn't working. I'm a worker and I feel bad if I'm not working." Now days Alden is not only working in front of the camera but behind the camera as well. She went on to star in Californication, Breaking Bad, Louie (which she co-wrote with Louie C.K.) and landed her own show (which she also co writes with Louie C.K.) and stars in. Aldon earned an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a T.V. Series. She could have easily decided to give up on acting but she found a way to persevere and reinvent herself. "I consider myself a journeyman actor." Catch Better Things Season 2 Thursdays at 10p.m. on FX.


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