Do the Work

I've heard many actors share accounts of getting approached in public by people who noticed them from a project that they've done and being either congratulated or chastised for the character they portrayed. This can be a compliment or a curse depending upon your character being the protagonist or antagonist. In retrospect, the audience believed your performance and developed an emotional connection to your character. As actors, we don't always think about how we are perceived when we take on a role and neither do we have control over how our character is portrayed. Once the footage is in the editing room, a plethora of stories can be cut from one scene. Our job as the actor is not to judge the character or be concerned with how the character is portrayed. If you do the work, the audience will not only ride the emotional roller coaster with you and your character, but they'll also understand who your character is and why they do, but first you must do the work!


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