The running theme that I continue to run across in my journey as an actress is to Be honest and to be myself. This is truly a difficult task to execute day to day in a world where people are so quick to judge and criticize. The irony in this is that people both revere, envy and admire those who have the ability to do so. However so many people aren't aware of just how honest they really are. Ninety three percent of what we say is non verbal. In essence, we are not who we "say" we are. We are what we do. Hence the old cliche "actions speak louder than words." It's a tough task but a respectable one. Be yourself and live your truth, that way no one can use your truth against you. Value and appreciate yourself for who your are, just as you are and for all that you are. Even if you're annoying and obnoxious, people will respect and appreciate you for being who you are.


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