You Gotta Play the Game-Be Smart!

Hollywood is on red alert as the #MeToo and #TimeIsUp movements are bringing to light years of known and unknown sexual offenders. As more and more victims are coming out of the shadows and giving their testimonies, many jurors in the court of public opinion are questioning why they have kept quiet for so long. Simply put- if you spoke about it, your career would be "swimming with the fishes". Although this behavior wasn't publicized, it was a well known culture amongst the Hollywood elite. The question all entertainers must ask themselves is: How bad do you want it? "It" meaning the fame, prestige, and the million dollar pay checks. In every profession, there are politics. Anytime there is a new job opportunity open one must begin to "campaign" for the job. In the corporate world, that means being a little nicer to your boss, putting in more work hours and going above and beyond to be noticed. In entertainment, it's all of the above- and beyond. The statutes of beyond could be limitless, unless you establish a personal "line of scrimmage" between your integrity and how far you are willing go to get the job. You have to have a certain level of likability by the right people to get where you're trying to go in your career. So that may involve a little brown nosing, smoosing, smiling when you don't feel like smiling or going the extra mile but know how far to go before you find yourself at the point of no return.


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