Mental Health in Entertainment

Being in entertainment, especially in the acting world can be very emotionally and mentally challenging and it's important to maintain a healthy mental state. Many celebrities suffer from mental illness including: Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lewis, Dwayne Johnson, Heath Ledger, Mariah Carey and many others. Some have gone to the point of no return at which they claimed their own lives such as Actor/Comedian legend, Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse and most recently Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Even actresses Halle Berry and Jada Pinkett-Smith made admissions of suicidal thoughts at one point. Being in a difficult profession comes with a lot of pressure. Every so often, I disengage with the world and take a little time to recenter and refocus. On a recent break, I came across a beautiful indie film called Duality that tells the story of two sisters who exist in "dual" realities as a result of their abusive childhood. One sister suffers from a mental health disorder that drives her to run off leaving the older sister to search for her whereabouts leading to a powerful and an emotionally electrifying ending. Most people are under the impression that mental illness starts from birth, but many people who suffer from mental illness developed their conditions through traumatic experiences. We all have experienced emotionally and/or mentally traumatizing events at some point in our lives, but it's important to deal with those issues. If not, those issues will find a way to deal with you. On my social media platforms, I post a lot of positive affirmations. Not only do they keep me mentally motivated, but they also help spread positive energy to others. Living life day to day is difficult, especially if you're in a difficult profession. Prayer, meditation, and positive affirmations are great practices that help calm your mind and spirit. Find a positive tool that helps to calm and alleviate your mental state in a healthy matter because if you don't deal with your issues, your issues will deal with you. Check out the film Duality at the link below. #SupportOurCreatives


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