Keep Calm: It's Just Entertainment

When I was a little girl, I can remember my mom explaining to me that the images I saw on TV were just for entertainment purposes only and that I wasn't suppose to go out and emulate those images. Oddly enough I decide to become an actress and that is my job, to portray character types, but nonetheless I understand that it's only for entertainment value. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that concept. There are soooo many people out there, both juveniles and adults who see these images and act out what they see. I know better than to go out into the world and emulate the negative images that I see on television, but I've also had many positive influences throughout my life that I aspire to be like.

We all look for a source of inspiration to keep us moving forward in our career goals and in our personal lives. Music and film are the most common sources of inspiration. Within that spectrum there is some content that is created to inform and inspire. Then there is some content that is created for the sole purpose of entertainment- that's it. It's not a standard or example for you to imitate. It's strictly and solely for the purpose of entertainment. Whether positive or negative, all content has the power to influence the audience. As entertainers, we have a responsibility to entertain responsibly. For the audience, it's simply a temporary escape from reality, but not to be transient into reality.

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