Top 3 Reasons Resolutions Fail

A new year has arisen and every year people set resolutions or goals that they would like to accomplish only to discover three months in, that those resolutions have completely faltered. Here are the top three reasons why. 1) Setting Unrealistic Goals When setting goals, it's important to set goals that are reasonably attainable. If your resolution is, "I want to be a famous celebrity this year." In this era Instagram and YouTube celebrities,

it's very much possible that a casting director at a top production company could discover you

and cast you in that Academy Award worthy role that will catapult your career to A-list status,

but consider that probability of that happening. Not saying that it couldn't happen, just saying that the probability of that occurring isn't too likely. Instead, setting a goal of "I'm going to do more networking this year", or "I'm going to shoot a short film this year," is more likely to achieve. Hopefully you will score your breakout role this year through the ground work you've done by setting and achieving attainable resolutions.

2) Lack of Commitment.

Achieving any goal requires commitment. You have to dedicate yourself to making the necessary changes required to bring your resolution into fruition. It's easy to make excuses or wallow in complacency, but if you're serious about meeting your goals, then you must dedicate yourself to making it happen. 3) Unwillingness to Change.

The cliché "old habits die hard" is very true to form when it come to achieving a resolution. You must break habits that prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Many of us are trapped in our comfort zones and are afraid of venturing into the unknown, but bad habits are like a huge wall that stands between you and your goals and you must champion that hurtle in order to get to other side. Sure, it's uncomfortable, but the reward is well worth the challenge. There is another old saying, "excuses are monuments of nothing that build bridges that lead to nowhere". Push past your fear and/or complacency and start making the necessary changes required that will build bridges that lead to your goals.


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