Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone

As an actor, we should always work towards perfecting our craft. Part of that perfection includes constantly challenging ourselves and pushing past our comfort zone. A few months ago, I challenged myself to try stand up comedy. Most of my training at this point has been dramatic acting, but I wanted to try comedy. It's an area that I wasn't comfortable with so I decided to challenge myself and build my comedic chops. I was terrified! Many questions raced through my mind, what if I'm not funny? What if I get heckled? What if I forget my material? I powered through that fear and took the chance to step outside of my comfort zone and try something different. I started with stand up comedy because stand up in the the comedy world is the equivalent of theater in the dramatic world. It's live and requires you to be in the moment and to think on your feet.

The audience is right there in front of you so you know immediately if your performance is resonating or not and there are no retakes or calling "cut". You have to get it right in the moment. Win or lose, I was prepared to face the challenge. Luckily, all went well for my first performance. I was proud of myself for stepping beyond the norm and taking the risk. I was able to tap into another part of my talent and I'm a better actor because of it. This year challenge yourself to step beyond your comfort zone and try something different. Whether it be portraying a character that you've never played or try performing in a play if you've never performed in a play or try comedy of you've never played a comedic role. Yes, it will be uncomfortable and yes, it will be scary, but it will only build your skill as an actor.


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