Don't Go Broke | How to Make Your Money Last Between Jobs

The entertainment industry is a freelance business which means employment is unstable and temporary so it's imperative to be financially literate. You don't want to book the lead in a major project only to have to resort back to waiting tables. You want your first big payday to sustain your livelihood in between jobs. There are quite a few actors who invested their salaries and have done so well that they don't have to rely on their next project or a "day job" for their next paycheck. Jessica Alba founded The Honest Brand and is now a billionaire. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson invested in Smart Water and landed a major deal with Coka Cola. Ellen DeGeneres scored big in real estate and George Clooney made billions with his tequila brand. Whether you're an A-lister or Z-lister we're all waiting for the phone to ring. Consort a financial advisor at your local bank, investment firm or checkout any local workshops or courses that maybe available in your area. You can also research financial advisors online, however be sure to check their reviews before contacting the institution. Making smart financial decisions is the defining difference between waiting in a mansion or your mother's basement.


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