Quick Tip Tuesday | Self Tape Auditions

Self Tape Auditions are now the new normal of auditioning. Self Tape Auditions are auditions at which the actor films the audition him or herself; hence the term "self tape". Here are a few tips to help you get your best audition possible. 1) Adequate Lighting: Your audition space doesn't have to look like a sun room, but it shouldn't look like a dark room either. Make sure your face is evenly lit. Invest in a ring light (a light in the shape of a ring). There are many affordable options on the market. Ring lights are perfect for providing a soft even light on your face.

2) Sold Background: Avoid distracting backgrounds. Just as it is important not to wear distracting clothing or flashy jewelry, avoid areas that have a lot of items or figures behind you. It's best to film in front of a solid surface such as a wall without any pictures or wall hangings, multicolored paint jobs or busy wallpaper.

3) Quality Sound: You don't have to have the newest high-tech sound equipment, but your audition must be audible. Be sure to project your voice so that the audio equipment you are using catches your voice. Also be sure to film your audition in a quiet space to avoid any distracting background noise.

4) Editing Software: As stated in the previous point, you don't have to have the top notch industry standard editing equipment. There are apps you can download to your phone that will suffice. The most important editing tools you will need in whatever software you choose is the "trim" and "crop" tools. Casting directors aren't interested in any of the filters it has.

5) Be Confident: Be confident in your performance. Remember, the camera doesn't lie. The casting director can still read your energy, even if you're not in the same room.


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